you know those people you talk to all the time on Facebook – in certain groups – maybe you’ve met in person – maybe you haven’t but sometimes they’re the ones we turn to when we’re sad or happy or have a question – or just need an atta girl.? well – let me tell you – one of the benefits of this place -or two actually – first – someone I have “known” since 2004 is coming here to visit me and I am over the moon excited!!! We speak and comment regularly sometimes we simply “like” something – but now she’s coming and I get to see in person how great she is!!!! So excited! I’ve told ya’ll about finding a long lost school friend after 40 something years and she’s coming here too!!! And I met the sweetest couple my first year from Italy/New York – they were family immediately – after checking out and going elsewhere they called – can we come home? Of course! It’s been a couple years – they’ve visited a friend of mine in Texas, we stay in cyber-touch – there’s a beautiful baby to celebrate now and – you know what? We’re still friends. When you come here – that is what I want to happen – I want to make you feel like you are home and with family/ friends ( but the good kind – the ones that give you your space and privacy!) So – why not check flights and see if YOU can get down here? I’d love to meet you in person!

Pura Vida!

cyber friends

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