Some people are just a joy to host – that’s this weekend’s guests – fun, happy to be here and to explore the area. Thank you. I pinch myself sometimes how very lucky I am to meet folks from all over the world, to learn about other countries and lifestyles. We can be a bit isolated back in the United States and living here in beautiful Samara I find myself looking around and noticing the variety of people who now call it home and those that come to visit and stay. What exactly is it that calls to people’s hearts in this place? I think there’s that undefinable thing – vibe, aura, “feel” – what have you – that makes it very special. We call ourselves a Tribe – from all walks of life – from all backgrounds, from all economic degrees – but in the end we are here TOGETHER. I wish you all would come see for the first time or come back again and feel the love in this place. Pura Vida  – we are awaiting YOU.

some people!

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