But – I am finally taking a bit of time off. Villas Tangerine is getting prettied up and freshened up and I am taking some time off. Now those of you worried about the critters – never fear – good friends are on hand to snuggle with them until I return.

The thing that really surprises everyone is how great it is here in the Green Season. OK let’s be honest -low season. It’s gorgeous, there’s few people around but those that are are just so peaceful, the water is warm,  the sun shines just about every day and everything is so lush and GREEN. I almost hate to leave. High season is much drier and guaranteed sun. Lots of people around and lots to do. SO okay I like that too! Just can’t please some people – jajaja!

Closed September 25th to October 15th – see you when I return!

Pura Vida –




It’s been a long time coming

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