not talking about Christmas but high season – this is the time of year when our snowbirds return and we catch up with old friends. The time of year when everyone is busy spiffing and sprucing up their properties – the time of year everyone looks forward to! There’s a tingle and sense of excitement in the air – did you see so and so? Hey did you hear about that new restaurant? That place has a new chef – this place has a new reception – he’s not coming back to there – she’s new and really nice….all makes for a great time. Couple new restaurants in town – a new market – couple places gone, but all in all Samara is on an upswing. Samara Players are doing a Christmas-y type radio play and Tina Webb from the former TnT – that famous rock singer will be at karaoke this Thursday. Here’s hoping it’s a regular gig. Zoe has been playing around town and it’s a pleasure to listen. And I’m still grinning over all the fun at Howlerfest and hoping the guys will be doing more of that at different venues around town. So – what are you doing in the cold? Or wet? Or simply not here? Here in Playa Samara we are loving and living the Pura Vida life! Reserve your spot at Villas Tangerine and come get in on the vibe!

P.S. I have it on good authority that if my guests ask for it I can convince Chef Croz to return with his alchemy of spices and serve up a delicious meal!

‘Tis The Season!

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