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Review of Villas Tangerine B&BReviewed 3 days ago

Villas Tangerine is a true gem. My sojourn at Villas Tangerine was cozy and intimate, despite never before having met our hostess, Susan. When I departed Villas Tangerine, it was with a heavy heart, but also with a new friend. And Susan is a valuable contact in the Samara community, as simply everyone seems to know her. Susan has created an oasis in the wild. I spent my days enjoying the musical chorus of howler monkeys, feeding local farm animals breakfast rinds through the fence, and delighting in the breakfasts made all the more spectacular by the ripe deliciousness of the local fruit. The pool is basically an aquatic salon, where the guests and local pop-ins loll in the afternoon, trading bon mots and engaging in jocular discussions. Beautiful beaches are a short walk away, and even closer is the local soda (or corner-eatery, to us gringos). In town, there is a fine selection of restaurants that run the full gamut from comfort food to fancy-schmancy. Villas Tangerine presents the unique opportunity, a paradox of sorts, of having one’s senses totally engaged while also being totally relaxed.

really lovely had to share

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