Guanabana otherwise known as Soursop. People claim it cures everything from migraines to cancer. I don’t know about that. I know that my friend has a tree and the ones I can get before the pizote do have been excellent in smoothies…taste like melted ice cream….Mamonchino- leechees….this has been a great year for them – they are full and juicy and gorgeous – and yeah since there are so many the price is pretty darn good too! Papaya – some people like it some don’t – my volunteer trees have been producing so many and all taste sweet as honey. I got lazy last year and scraped the seends behind the rancho – now I have 6 trees FULL of fruit. Same with the Sandia ( watermelon). tossed some out and now have several sweet round beauties. Mangoes I have no worries about – Pablo my everything guy must have six trees and brought me many many many to freeze for smoothies…looking forward to the next batch! So – I can pick up fresh Pina ( pineapple) pipa water ( coconut water) and yum – breakfast is served – because Giselle brings me eggs from her chickens and they are the MOST DELICIOUS eggs you have ever tasted. I’m now in the process of growing avocados and passion fruit, wish me luck – and maybe come down and taste?

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