interesting day today and it reminded me why I love being here so much EVEN with the inconvenience of visa runs. Until all paperwork is in order I need to extend my visa – drive to Nicaragua and exit the country and return. Nicaragua is lovely ( in parts) but Costa Rica just FEELS right. And why do I love it so? The people I have met! Expats and locals alike. My wonderful assistant Giselle fell ill while I was gone but my friend rallied and handled all aspects and my guests felt like I was here. The folks I traveled with ( a teacher at the TEFL school, the BEST bakery owner, another hotelier and a visiting expat) just made the journey more fun than chore. In and out in an hour and stops along the way – was it a long day? SURE but was it FUN? sure!! People make your life either hard or easy and the people I have been fortunate enough to know have made my life a dream come true.

Wouldn’t you like to meet them? wouldn’t you like to spend some time visiting and feeling what Pura Vida is all about? Easter Week is filling up ( Spring break anyone without the idiocy?). Check out my website for availability!

border run

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